Helpful tips to tour London



If you are a first-time visitor to London, then here are a few helpful tips to tour London

1. Book rooms through which would make you feel at home and would not make a hole in your pocket.

2. Travel light as you can then travel on the tube to and from the airport, as cabs are sinfully expensive.

3. Carry your passport, credit cards and cash in a sling. Wear it inside your shirt and it will stay safe.

4. London is very expensive so please get a Visitor Oyster Card for the tube. The best way to save money in London is by getting yourself an Oyster Card travel smartcard for the city’s fantastic public transport system. Visitor Oyster Card holders are eligible for a range of food, drink and other discounts and special offers.

5. Take the hop on hop off tour if you really want a good deal. Do not miss the London by night tour as well as it is scintillating.

6. To save time and some precious pounds, book combo tickets online for the London eye/Thames River cruise/ The Shrek Adventure/ London dungeon/Madame Tussauds’/ Sea Life

7. Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace is scheduled to take place daily between April and July and on alternate dates for the remainder of the year. The official start time for the ceremony is 11:30 am. However, the guard with music starts arriving at 11:15 am.

8. Tourists should be forewarned that visiting London is not a top budget travel experience. That means everything, from buying a bottle of water to a ticket for London eye is expensive. A bottle of water is the same price as a coke so carry a water bottle.

9. If you can carry foodstuffs from back home you would be saving quite a few pounds. If you are living in an` Airbnb’ accommodation then you can even rustle up a few meals in the tiny kitchens.

10. If you are travelling with a baby then do carry a pram as you have to walk quite a bit and carrying a baby can be really tiresome.

11. Wear practical walking shoes and leave that fancy footwear for your parties back home.

12. If you cannot afford a Covent Garden show, no sweat as there is live music, comedy and dramas. These smaller productions are usually a lot more affordable than traditional theatre shows or big music gigs.

13. Look out for chain restaurants, buffets and traditional cafes as they are much cheaper. You can always grab a sandwich from any supermarkets and partake your meal in any park or garden.

14. If you are a vegetarian then the food choices are very limited and it is surely advisable to carry instant foods which can be cooked in the microwave.

15. Do carry an Umbrella or a disposable poncho raincoat as the London weather is unpredictable and a downpour could catch you unawares.

Have a great trip and do share these Helpful Tips to tour London with your family and friends.


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  1. verushka143 says:

    Excellent tips for Travelling in London.You should eat down Edgeware Road it has Arabic food with lots of vegetarian options.Also visit the Indian parts like Wembley ,Green street and Mile End.


    1. Thank u Verushka..will surely keep them in mind.It was my first visit and was totally unprepared 🙂


  2. Kalpana says:

    Those are really handy tips….all been duly noted:). AND you have piqued my interest to add the city on my wish list!


  3. I am so glad that I did…am sure you will love it as we had the same childhood with similar dreams 🙂


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