HELP!!You can succeed best by helping others to succeed

You can succeed best by helping others to succeed


Before it skips my mind I had to put this thought down….. “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up” which is what John Holmes said. The recent quake in Nepal had thousands of people handing out donations of various denominations. Yes the damage is bad and it will take years to rehabilitate those who have lost their homes and loved ones. When the incident is recent and the graphic images are all over the media, the feeling to help and reach out in any small way is natural. But once time passes we forget but those who live there still are in need of help but then even the government and the layman tends to put it out of his mind.
Gandhi said “Generosity consists not the sum given, But the manner in which it is bestowed” .Doing charity is great but being a Good Samaritan for a long period of time has no comparison. I witnessed the latter yesterday evening. I am becoming a Queen of suffering- first the spinal surgeries and now it’s my shoulders. I guess am suffering from spondylosis or frozen shoulder and I am having trouble even moving my arm. Being the self confessed quack that I am, I decided to go buy an orthopedic pillow for my ailing shoulders. I went hunting for it in the market and went to Apollo Surgicals. I entered the store and there were four men in there all working quietly. It was a bit unnerving but then I asked the guy in front of me for the pillow. He just looked up and nodded. He called out to another man and repeated what I said. The boy went and got me a travel pillow and was asked to get me the actual ortho pillow. It was not in the store and he went to get it from the godown.
While I was waiting another guy entered with a wad of weigh bills and handed them to one of the staff. There was no verbal interaction at all and only when I looked at them pointedly I realized that they were both dumb. And then I realized that the other staff too could not speak except for the one who went to get my pillow and the owner himself. I salute the owner for hiring such physically challenged persons. What better help could there be than showing empathy and employing them rather than just feeling sympathetic and doling out charity. They were physically challenged but were earning their salary just like any of us and not dependent on peoples’ charity which is sporadic to say the least.
If all of us could help in any which way we can to rehabilitate, then there would not be pain in this world. I am very much reminded of the proverb- Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Monetary help is momentary but helping them earn a livelihood is for a life span.


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