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White Clouds in Blue Sky Haven’t gotten down to writing anything in a long long time. Time to get back to some serious writing; doesn’t mean it has to be serious to read too. I rejoined my Yoga class this morning after a 10 month sabbatical. It feels so good to get back into my familiar routine and feel the fresh morning air against my face. Lying on my back on the terrace in the class and watching the clouds rush by, was so very refreshing and relaxing. I feel like shouting from the rooftop…It is good to be alive!! The spine surgery had broken my back, physically of course and mentally too. I was petrified of not being able to go about my normal life. I had become a late riser and my walk started anywhere after 7 am and later and yoga after that. So when the day starts late, then there are lesser working hours on hand. Now I am determined to stick to my morning alarms rude awakening at 5 am and get in to my groove again. Last evening I stepped out of the house as usual around 6.30 to go to the temple and just as I reached the corner of my road a kid walks up to me and asks me for 50 bucks! I was caught a bit off-guard at this unique and unexpected request. He said that his bicycle got punctured and he didn’t have enough money to get it repaired to go home. He pointed out to my house and said that he would return the money. I gave him the money and walked on. But on retrospect I feel I was taken for a ride by a smart young lad! I realized later that I had not seen any bicycle near him and I should not get carried away by such puppy eyed looks. My grandson Arian is the apple of my eye and I wouldn’t mind being taken for a really long ride by him though. I have not been working since the past few months and now I am all fired up and raring to go. Writing is going to be seriously work oriented and other small things I am dabbling in, have to get them going too. Life doesn’t end at 40 or even 50. Life just goes on at the pace we set but not according to our age which is just a number.918800614704 Who would have thought I would be jobless due to the twin surgeries all these months and now I am again fit enough to tread new professional paths. My daughter Esha, gifted me a DSLR as she knows I love taking pictures and I lost my previous digital camera. I am planning to attend a few classes on photography and progress to being an actual traveller moving on from my previous armchair-travelling! I spent some quality time with her, without any stress or tension lurking close by. IMG_1407 Cooking for her was a real gratification (although I never cook for myself at home) as cooking for your loved ones gives one, utmost pleasure. It was challenging too, cooking with the bare essentials of a bachelor kitchen. Made tomato rice in a steel utensil and almost charred it; cooked aloo ki sabzi that got a bit charred too!! But the best moment was being woken up to a cup of black tea made by my daughter and pasta for lunch which was perfect  :*20150222_142231 But I did achieve something great in that tiny studio kitchen! I made 2 kgs of Gajjar Halwa without a grater! Now that was a challenge. Peeled and chopped the carrots into thin long slices and then they were put in the chopper and then tossed into the milk boiling in a crock pot. Cooking is therapeutic for me when I cook for my loved ones and I rarely get the chance to do it.

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  1. thandapani says:

    Glad to see you are back. I hope your health improves, Harjit.

    Good to read your post.


    1. Thank u so much Ava.Feels good to be back

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