Life begins at 50

I just turned 50 this year! Now isn’t that a landmark to be celebrated?

50 years of living! Not a bad deal. Yes, I did have my moments of despair and wanted to end it all but for the love of living.

I lost my husband at the age of 40 and being a simple homemaker till then I had no clue of the big bad world out there! But then I struggled and learnt and never gave up even though the going was tough being a single parent. A new job, a changed me and I feel as if I am starting my life over again! I feel young, energetic and am raring to go!

Pssst…Flying to Mexico soon to welcome my grandchild into this beautiful world. He/she is the harbinger of the good times ahead. I have always been optimistic about everything and things have been falling into place and I have to thank HIM for that.

Five decades have gone living for others. Time to live for myself now. This New Year has been a Turning Point in my life and my perspective. Time to pull the curtain down on the past and enter a new stage with a new life…….at 50!

to be continued……


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