Sanjay’s Ras Leela or Kaam Leela??

Sanjay’s Ras Leela or Kaam Leela??


After the past years episodes of violence and molestation of women still ringing loud in our eyes and in our faces, we have Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s, Ram Leela stoking the latent sexuality of the Mango people in India ! How are the women’s organisations letting this man go scot free! I think he would be a culpable felon in most of the violations against women taking place after the release of the movie!

Bollywood movies should be watched with a pinch of salt it is said! This is surely a rock, not a pinch! Ram Leela should have been banned by the censors but instead they award it a U/A-under parental guidance!! Most educated Indians too, pay no heed to the U/A certificate as they would not like to miss the movie themselves, if they did not want their children to watch it. So the tweens and the teens tag along with the so called adult community, watches the same old love story of two youngsters blessed with a raging libido who belonged to rival communities, fall in lust before they fall in love.(the same community ostracized love, and their women wear long ghunghats but bare and backless cholis with enticing latkans!)

It surely must have been an educative film for the teens with the explicit lip locks, the semi-nude protagonists and the obnoxious cuss words used liberally throughout the movie! A self-proven oedipal complexed Bhansali, a die-hard bachelor and naming himself and his movie after his Mom, Sanjay’s latest rendition of the classic Shakespearean, Romeo Juliet is totally impertinent.

I thought Love stood for….…Trust, Compromise and sacrifice but as repeated two times in the film, love is “Besharam, badtameez, khudgarz hota hai…par pyaar toh aisa hi hota hai (Shameless, insolent & self-centered…but then, that’s what love is all about)”.

The in-your-face, crass sexuality was not expected from a director who gave us Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam; where the heroine was steeped in romance and epitomised the nuances of her love through her expressive eyes and sensual moves. Yes, Dipika’s Leela does give you a sense of déjà vu (a clone of Ash in HDDS as far as cosmetic looks go) but that’s where the similarity ends. I am no hypocrite as far as romance on celluloid goes! I did enjoy Richard Gere’s ministrations on Julia in the bathtub in Pretty woman or the innovative episode on the piano but then that was classy whereas this is CRASS! Ranvir-Dipika are almost orgasmic in every shot they are shown together but they actually have not done the deed! In spite of getting married (permit for sex in India) they die diving into their watery grave with Dipika’s virginity still intact!

Deepika’s kissing Ranveer in the song ‘Lahu Munh Lag Gaya’ is supposed to show the budding love but which actually flowers (lust is more like it!) into a hot smooch between the two leads ‘

If Dipika with a rectangular figure spouted into an hourglass ( had her boobs underwired and butt padded) to show that her hormones were raging then Ranvir surely had ants in his pants…Ooops dhoti, as he repeatedly kept mouthing to his mates, “dhoti geeli karlo” (vernacular for masturbation)! Bhansali’s, Indian men are shown to jerk off publicly while watching porn in a seedy video parlour, seems like this is what Bhansali meant when he said ” like what I’ve grown in Bhuleshwar (in Mumbai). I’d pass through the red-light area every day looking at those theatres (only theatres?) with those eccentric names’’

And he is being applauded for the same by the crème de la crème of his fraternity! When will Indian men grow up! Sanjay’s self-proclamation of no love in his life shows that he knows not what love-making is as he has only seen and experienced raw sex. The Ranvir-Dipika duo do touch ( or maul) feel smooch and romp and have most of the Indian men in the theatre squirming in their seats while viewing their raunchy sexapades and oozing out their precious ras!

It is a visual treat no doubt with the dhol and the passionate red colour which is pretty welcome after a Black and blue Saawariya but that is how far it goes on the up side…Bhansali justifies it by saying he showcased rustic Gujarat. Do Guajarati’s mouth such bawdy vocabulary and do the women wear their ghagras around their hips? The vilage men surely do not flaunt their new found muskles and washboard abs with low-waisted undies do they? Where in Patriarchal Gujarat do you have a Matriarchal Ba, aka Supriya Pathak who looked and sounded so unreal! Do widows in Gujarat actually have the chance to speak out or have a life? Where on earth do we find guns sold in an open mandi like mooli gajar?

At the end of it all it is Bhansali –is credited for screenplay, editing, music, and direction – but has actually seduced the masses, media and celebrities into an orgy of superlatives ,all singing praises of the movie.

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