Punjabi Ladies Sangeet Song


Punjabi weddings are known for the pomp and grandeur and the dhol and the dance. All weddings are incomplete without the Sangeet. It is usually the time when the girl is getting her hands colored with Henna. Usually it is a ladies only affair and the guys used to great lengths to sneak a peak at the women dancing in gay abandon.The brides family and friends are there and a few from the grooms side as the henna and clothes for the bride.

Most of the songs are based on the nok jhonk of the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. This is the only time when daughters-in-law can take the liberty to deride their sasumas and get away with it and vice versa. Then starts a volley of the choicest songs sung with great fervour and bonhomie. The songs do include abuses and slang and ……..just let your imagination run riot !!!

On the beat of the Dholki and the chamach banging on it, a herd of women clapping and dancing can only create a jamboree!!

There are many old songs sung since generations and then there are the ultra new ones penned by the youngsters. A wedding in the neighborhood suddenly got my creative juices flowing and I lifted a few words and the music of another song and penned down this one…..

I will try to upload an audio of it too and gradually add more songs that I know…..shaava shaava  mahiya shaava shaava!!


Vijayawada di kudiyaan very very smart

Haaye meri tauba tauba


Breezer vee peendiyaan hookah vee peendiyaan (2)

Breezer vee peendiyaan khaali chaar

Haaye meri tauba tauba(2)


Bikeaan (Bike) chalaandiya, carraan ( car) chalandiyaan (2)

Caaraan chalandiyan very very fast

Haaye meri tauba tauba(2)


Idly vee khaandiyaan, paranthe vee khaandiyaa

Paraanthe khandiyaa khali chaar

Haaye meri tauba tauba


Lipstick lagaandiyaan, powder lagaandiyaan

Lipstick lagaandiyaan very very dark

haaye meri tauba tauba


Jeansaan vee paandiyaan, skirtaan vee paandiyaan

Skirtaan te paandiyaan very short

Haaye meri tauba


Ghoosa vee maardiyaan, thappad vee maardiyaan

Ghoose te painda very very hard

Haaye meri tauba tauba


Sasaan (saas) Nachaandiyaan, nanadaan (nanad) nachandiyaan

Sasaan nachaandiyaan badi vaar

Haaye meri tauba tauba


Japhiyaan vee paundiyaan, puppyiyaan vee paundiyaan

Puppyiyaan te paundi very hard

Haaye meri tauba tauba





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