Yoga, my new passion

IMG_20131005_062634As I am nearing the magic figure of half century, I have decided to make some path breaking changes in my lifestyle. The first is giving up the gym! I’ve been stuck there since four years (I did lose 12kgs and put back 8 on) and it has started getting on my nerves. I have decided on Yoga classes which start at an unearthly hour of 5.45am. But then to gain something you need to lose something and here it’s going to be my precious early morning snooze. I have not been an early riser since ages. But the yoga classes are enthusing me to be an early bird and catch the worm. Exercise has been more of a healthy pursuit rather than for losing weight. Now at this age I am not going to participate in any Mrs.World competition to show off my well-toned abs or hour glass figure. I am fine with the extra pounds on me as I don’t look hale and healthy.
Gym was a huge room full of machines and gadgets in an AC environment and sweaty smelly bodies. The frequent tussles for the cycle or the dumbbells seem so childish now. Yoga is just the opposite-the open rooftop, the whiff of the fresh early morning breeze touching my skin and blowing my hair all around, the first look at the breaking of dawn and the clear blue skies. In these times none of us have the time to smell the roses but in my yoga class I get to lie down in Shavasan and look up at the skies. Sometimes grey clouds and sometimes cotton clouds or the clear azure sky. The cawing of the crows also does not put me off as the chirping of the other birds compensates for it.
Many dragonflies whirr around while we are huffing and puffing through the asanas. The sky has a myriad colours and changes every day. One day they are dark clouds just waiting to burst into rain and the other has white cotton clouds which look like a bear or an elephant to my vivid imagination. The calming yoga done under the soft chanting of Om reaches a crescendo with the speeding Suryanamaskaras which seem never ending.
Suryanamaskara is a complete exercise in itself for the whole body and if it is done many times one can surely reduce soon. As I am new to these I need to match up to the speed and accuracy of the asanas.I wait for the Shavasana as it gives me time to gaze at the skies to my heart’s content. It is a double whammy for me. I get to exercise in the open air and also enjoy the bounty of nature at that early hour which I usually missed coz I was sleeping or working out in a stuffy gym.
My job is another vital change for me. I was getting frazzled with my job which never seemed to do justice to my designation nor give me any job satisfaction. I never liked endorsing a losing venture and I opted out. Now the hunt is on for a more meaningful and purposeful job. If nothing works out then I have also got my visa which would be my ticket to Mexico; A well-earned break with my son and daughter-in-law and my first trip abroad.
Life’s good with exciting propositions and a new road to tread on. It is said that when God closes one door he opens another soon and I am a firm believer of that. My door too will soon open and engulf me in its embrace.

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  1. Happy to see you prosper, learn and grow. You inspire me to be independent and stay independent like you. Here is wishing to many more discoveries for you.


    1. I am hardly a role model Bhavna…I have learnt so much from you. I am stuck in the old set of mind and am lucky to have young friends like you who goad me to change my set thoughts and behaviour. Thanq for your wishes and hope you get all you want from life.


  2. Warm hugs to u too ❤


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