Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary Dec 2012

Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary is a small place in Guntur District.The birds come all the way from Siberia to roost here. The sheer number of birds are overwhelming and it is always a pleasure to watch them soar in to the sky and then come back at dusk to rest here.
Painted Storks, Spot-billed Pelicans and other birds migrate from various countries such as Siberia, Australia and use the sanctuary. The water tanks in the village are unique as they provide refuge to many species birds including endangered Spot-Billed Pelicans and Painted Storks. The bird population in these tanks used to be around 12,000 previously, however lately only about 7000 birds roost in this dwindling habitat through the year. But some initiatives have taken place such as adding artificial trees, local awareness, proper water supply to the ponds etc. Artificial skeletal trees have been added in the pond on which the birds can perch in addition to the natural trees. There are spotted bill grey pelican and a slightly less number of Painted stork, pintail ducks a few cormorant, red crested pochard, common coot, common teal, black-headed ibises.The ever increasing demand of land both for building and cultivation by the villagers, location of a Zilla Parishad High School within the pelicanary and denudation of Kikar tree which is the main stay of the pelican and stork colony, are imminent threat to this sanctuary The main diet being fed to the chicks was both fresh and sea water fish. Not many people know about this sanctuary, thus it is still a virgin area bereft of littering swarming noisy tourists who would only drive them away. Apart from a few lovelorn couples who could not have found a quieter place than this!!

I have been there many times and every time I am awestruck by the magnificent birds that fly halfway across the globe to come and roost here. I kept clicking pictures and stopped only when the memory was full. I am a total amateur with the cam and it’s just a sony cyber shot but I still think that the pictures have come out well J

P.S: Info courtesy Wikipedia!

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