New Lamp from Old

My mom was a very fastidious and frugal person. She had the knack of making things last and last and loved hoarding things up to be used later in the future. As a young girl, I always teased her about it and asked her what she would do with all her knick-knacks. Her clothes would never look old or faded and she would make good use of them when they were old. From cushion covers to table mats and even door mats. As a typical teenager I used to just laugh at all her thrifty undertakings!!

What I like about experience is that it is such an honest thing. So I just say that I regret all the time but I can’t help it!! Sorry mom!! Well I am almost a clone of hers. I am not very finicky or a perfectionist but my clothes too last a lifetime!! I too never let go of even an old button. I store it preciously and recycle it on a new dress!! (Am proud to do so!!) A penny saved is a penny earned, isn’t it??

I was buried in my usual Diwali cleaning ( I dunno why we do it once a year, should be once a month) and I found this old favorite lamp shade in a corner. The bottom made of ceramic and terracota had become chipped and the paint had worn off. I still stored it coz I didn’t want to just throw it off. I pulled it out of its crampy resting (or rusting) place and seated it on my study table.

The age old dilemma of should I or shouldn’t I (throw it out) was on in my head for some time. While cleaning I chanced upon my oil and fabric paints, and Voila it just clicked. I had to restore, repair and rejuvenate my old lamp and give it a new lease of life ( I still believe in Aladdin and his magic lamp! maybe mine too will show some magic :p) !!! I left all the cleaning I was up to and set up my paint corner. I wanted to get an ivory base color and then have brown embellishments. The tubes lost their print and I couldnt differentiate the colors, so instead of brown and white for ivory, I mixed scarlet and white!

I didn’t mind the color I had concocted and didn’t want to waste it either. So the bottom of my lampshade is a funny shade of pink (but it is pretty, mind you: p). Painting is very therapeutic and I felt really relaxed while mixing the colors and making the strokes with the brush. Gradually all the chipped parts were covered with a fresh coat of paint and my lamp had come alive again. It still looked a bit plain and I painted abstract strokes of brown, gold and red over the pink and tada….there I had a modern art look for my lamp base.

I let it dry nicely and got the bulb fixed. The lampshade was black and now with the restored base it looked faded. I had no option, did I? I couldn’t throw it away and buy a new one so I set about painting it with black fabric paint! It looked better than new but it still looked like it did before. Out came my gold paint and I painted a few swirls on it.

I sat back and admired my own creation. Vanity thy name is woman!! Painting I do enjoy but the joy of creating a new out of an old curio is very largely heartwarming. Now my lamp is ensconced at its rightful place… bedside!

Pssst…I can’t sleep in the dark and my lamp will shoo away all the wandering ghosts and boogeyman at night .


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Nisheeth Mathur says:

    I like this one!! Well done!!


    1. Thanq ji….how nice of u :p


  2. Love it!!!

    You should finish that painting also!


    1. Thanq thanq…painting is next 🙂


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