Relationship means a relation between people through blood, love or marriage. Relationships are born out of the need for bonding in every individual. No man is an island and man is a social animal it is said. When we are related by blood then we do not choose our relations. A father or mother does not choose a child but is gifted with one and the bond so created is very strong. No wonder the adage ‘Blood is thicker than water’ came about.

But those relationships that we choose like a husband and wife which last a lifetime or friends or even with a total stranger in the street is based on trust, faith and confidence. The closest relationships bring the most happiness in our lives and on the downside give the most painful moments as well. The family is the basic unit of many loving relationships. Belonging to a family makes us cherish it more when we miss it when we are away, to whom we reach out to when we are lonely, whom we depend on in any crisis and where we feel at home at the end of the day.

Sadly this family unit is deteriorating day by day, families fall apart, siblings fight over property, and parents get estranged with children being raised by a single parent. Relationships are becoming brittle and the old value system should be reintroduced into the social fabric.

Communication is the key to strong bonding and understanding in a relationship and as long that bridge is open then nothing can weaken the pillar of trust. The relationship between lovers is most satisfying when one is getting as much love and trust as one is giving. One is blessed if one finds a partner you cannot do without and you are lucky to be the made for each other couple. All this looks good on the surface but scratch below and its all hunky dory. Every beautiful relationship has its problems and if they are not addressed properly they can only lead to disaster. These days every couple talks about space and freedom with no specific boundaries. But if the love is deep and enduring then the attachment does not weaken with time and troubles.

Parents and children have always had a tumultuous relationship especially during the growing years. The old school of thought had strict discipline and respect from the kids and generation gap was not even discussed. But now parents and kids don’t see eye to eye and very few actually understand each other. The other extreme is when parents act like friends and forget that they are parents and that thin line is crossed when respect flies out of the window. Children take full advantage of such a situation. Parents need to keep the doors of communication open and be tolerant of the hyper active hormones of the young blood.

Friendship is an amazing relationship too but has taken a beating in today’s world. A friend in need is a friend indeed was the norm but now when there is a deed there is no friend indeed. Friendships have become materialistic and dependent on situations and wants. Very few friendships stand the test of time and shine like an exemplary star.

Relationships are something we can’t do without as we all need affection, love, support, a pat on the back if we have achieved something and a shoulder to cry on if we are at a loss. Do not take your relationships for granted; learn to appreciate them for what they are.

“You can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put miles between you, but at the same time you carry them with you in your heart, your mind, your stomach, because you do not just live in a world but a world lives in you”…Frederick Buechne

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