“Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it”-Russel Baker

But summer has its goodness too if you are a positive thinker and look on the bright side of everything. Crib about the heat, the power cuts, or the water shortage but then do not forget to be thankful for the bird song early in the morning or the delicious mangoes that you drool over.

Half the night went off without power and I was tossing and turning in bed. But by 6.45am I was out and ready to hit the gym. It was a bright sunny day and it felt good to be alive though the lack of sleep was still making me feel droopy eyed. While driving towards the gym I suddenly saw the ‘Amaltas’ trees(yellow flowers) ,so aptly named Golden Shower tree is planted on Indian roads , showering flowers on me and this song came to my mind instantly…”Baharon phool barsao mera mehboob aaya hai” ….Well here my mehboob was summer and made me really forget the irksome night I had just gone through. There was a carpet of flowers on the path and I drove through it feeling as if I was serenaded by the season. Hail Summer!!

It’s hot, humid, sweltering, blistering, sultry, sweaty, sizzling, burning, boiling, stuffy, scorching, suffocating, but then summer gives us mangoes, ice-lollies, watermelon, munjulu, tender coconut, lemonade….cold salads, strawberries dipped in cold cream…..pool parties, short dresses, beautiful beaches and much much more. Margaritas are to summer what hot chocolate is to winter: the perfect therapy. Whether you like them on the rocks or frozen, Margaritas set the tone for summer’s arrival.

Wear flip flops even to the market and show off your pretty feet; Summery cotton dresses that are easy on the eye and on the skin.Organise pool parties and serve  cool Sorbets, fruit salads, ice-creams and just laze around in your bare minimum.

Take a walk around your environs and enjoy all of the fresh greenery and flowers in bloom. The air even smells different during the summer because of all the delicious flowers….the Gulmohar with its bright yellow red flowers are eye-catching. While the jasmine’s strong scent from a woman’s hair is intoxicating.

If you can go to the beach there could be nothing like it. Just relax on a hammock and enjoy the lazy moments. Tranquil sounds of waves rolling, children laughing, and birds chirping will lull you to sleep while sitting in a recliner or rocking chair or swing holding a good book. Do not forget to lather on sunblock first. Play ball in the water or build castles in the sand. Cover your head with a scarf, hat or parasol when you head out under the sun! Now they come in saucy colors and textures. And don’t forget your eyes, wear glares…they come in a plethora of colors.

Grab every opportunity to let yourself get wet!  Shower whenever you can and whenever you want. Showering twice or thrice in summer is good for you. Or take a long bath if you have the luxury of a tub. Indulge yourself; light aromatic candles around the bath. Use scented bubble bath with rose petals, play your favorite music loud and sing along too coz no one can hear you. And if you are a tomboy and all this mushy stuff is too much for you then just grab the garden hose and shower yourself with it. So what if you gets dirty? Sometimes dirty is good!!!

Contrary to popular belief, exercise helps in maintaining your cool! How? It flushes blood to your face and body, releases toxins and sweat from body. Sweat doesn’t mean producing odor but, release of odor from your body! Get it? So next time, you think of skipping gym, remember this!

Have you experienced the times when you are happy and cooler to the times when you are irritated and hot? Stay happy and cool and you will experience happiness but if you are irritated then you will only feel hotter. Have you realized this? A smile is priceless and releases happy endorphins which make you feel better, calmer. When you are angry, you don’t listen to anyone, you get irritated easily. So just bare those pearlies whenever you can. Seriously, happiness makes you think better and the body too functions normally. When you are sad try to smile and see if it doesn’t make you feel better!

The long summer days are ideal for learning a new skill. Learning a new language or learning to paint or dance, maybe a short course in pottery? What are you waiting for? Just go ahead and enroll yourself.

I personally and ideally would love to live by the sea-side, sipping lemon iced tea while reading a book in the shade, walk barefoot in the sand, and allow the cool sea waters to rinse my cares away.

Panic not coz the rains are not too far away. Welcome the wonderful summer with open arms coz it too will soon fade away.

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  1. Nisheeth says:

    Well that’s a relaxing blog…after reading this its seems its the best season…well its 47 degrees here and am still in the office…reading this makes feel fresh again…writo writo..


    1. Thats what its all abt….feel good factor…feel it, enjoy it and spread it 🙂


  2. Ansh says:

    Peaceful and refreshing


    1. Thanq Ansh….just felt like spreading some summer cheer like Santa does on X-mas 🙂


  3. lifewary says:

    i feel cool already…in dis sweltering summer..refreshing blog..


    1. Thanq madame 🙂 u keep saying that i crib but i dont actually


  4. ritashna says:

    feel so fresh now godma 🙂 i swear i was cribbing till aftrnnoon 😛 haha ❤ love your blogs


    1. Thanq sweets…keep reading 🙂


  5. PushDumpFatButton says:

    Reblogged this on Push Dump Fat Button.


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