Aarushi Talwar RIP

It was four years ago when Aarushi Talwar, all of 14 years, was mercilessly murdered and her clever parents even misled the CBI to believe that they were ignorant of the goings on in their house on that sordid summer night.

The murder weapon was a scalpel and used with a clean sweep cutting the right nerve to snuff out the young life. Hemraj was the house help. He couldn’t have known how to use the scalpel and rather would have used a ram pyari . Rajesh and Nupur Talwar, both doctors and dentists laid the blame on 3 others-Krishna, Rajkumar and Vijay Shankar who came clean on repeated lie-detector tests.

Hemraj’s body was found by the police only on the next day and the media had a field day on the terrace while the evidence was trampled all over. The Talwar’s fed the CBI a cock and bull story that the three servants entered the house as they were friends with Hemraj and they must have killed both Hemraj and Aarushi in a drunken stupor.

From day one I believed that the parents killed her in cold blood. Don’t know what their motive might have been but the slickness of the act, the murder weapon which was never found and for the fact that Nupur Talwar….the mother’s composure in front of the cam never once showed a mother in distress; a mother who lost her only child. Being a mother myself I can imagine how traumatic the situation might have been but she was calm, cool and collected.

The Talwars got rid of the evidence with a fine tooth comb but couldn’t get the CBI off their tail. Their statements are not corroborated by the evidence available and now both are behind bars where they rightfully should have been 4 years ago. Educated and in a noble profession instead of being a boon to society they have become the bane of their own daughter.

What gory lives they were leading and poor Aarushi paid the price for all the sex, lies and murders her parents were living. Not that Aarushi must have been the ideal daughter but then what can u expect from debauched parents!! I am waiting for judgement day when Rajesh and Nupur Talwar are sentenced to death.Only then will justice prevail.


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  1. mansa kaur says:

    no reason iz justified enuff for a mother to kill her only daughter..!!!….


    1. True Mansa…but thats human nature for u with all its complexities….you never know whats gonna happen


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