Stories usually begin with a foreword, then the story and the ending where they lived happily ever after. But this piece of fiction is aptly called Afterwards. There is a beginning wherein Rahul meets Maya and love follows-Maya dies. The story should have actually reached the end here but it actually takes off from this point.

The author describes how Rahul and Anjali cope after Maya’s death. Maya….the name itself means illusion. How Maya enters Rahul’s life and is a part of it for 5 years. She leaves a major impact on his psyche.

Rahul is cast as the typical NRI who is self sufficient and keeps to himself but is drawn towards Maya’s mystical beauty and her marital problems with her husband Govind.

The vivid description of God’s own country-Kerala and all the characters make interesting reading. But what makes me a little skeptical of the whole plot is the way Maya places her whole life in the hands of a virtual stranger like Rahul.

My heart goes out to little Anjali who is tossed between different parents and countries. Jaishree uses Rahul as the protagonist and Maya as the distressed heroine fails to evoke sympathy

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