I went out the other night to put up the banners for Elan, my grooming school and to my utter surprise I realized that my sleepy little Vijayawada has a bustling night life!! I have gone out of the house at night only to attend weddings or parties and that too is rare and hardly any lasts late into the night.

I was sitting in the car and the workers were putting up the banners wherever I asked them to. While waiting for them to tie it up and move to the next place, I was taking in all that was happening on the street at that late hour. It was 11.45 and the traffic though not too much was quite a lot. Mostly young guys were zipping around on their bikes and big cars.

In a nondescript corner I saw a group of 4/5 people gathered around an old man on a bicycle.  I wonder what they were up to and then I saw that he had bags on his bicycle and he was selling cigarettes and hot tea from a flask.

Every few seconds a Verna or a Cruz or a bike stopped there, the guys inside bought cigarettes and instantly smoked them! I started speculating as to why these young guys were on the street at that hour and this craving for a smoke. Some were out from a late night show, some going home after dropping off family at the station, some after a late night dinner outing or maybe a party.

Guess they needed their daily dose. Every pack carries “Smoking is injurious to health” but who heeds that?? Smokers usually smoke a few packs daily and that costs money, money that could actually be spent on more worthy things in life.

A little further down there was a guy sitting on a bicycle and his friend was on the pavement and tottering on his feet!! He could barely stand and was mumbling away something. He was in front of the wall of a star hotel and what did he do there?? He puked all over and then relieved himself right there. For a second I found the scene very funny and laughed at the young chap making a fool of himself on the main road. His friend had to literally drag him away all the time balancing the tipsy guy on his bicycle.

Drinking is not a bad thing but bingeing and then losing control of your senses, puking all over!! Not done!! Know your limit and stick to that rather than make a spectacle of yourself. The supply of beer or scotch is not going to end today and tomorrow is another day, another peg!!

What starts with teenage and peer pressure slowly turns into addiction. If only the raging teenage hormones could be controlled!

I then saw a couple taking a late night walk, hand in hand lost in themselves unaware of anything around them and this brought a smile on my face and made me realize that the world is not all black but there are streaks of white which keep flashing through and this makes one have Faith and believe that all is still well! It was 2.30am by this time and the mosquitoes were making a feast of my sweet blood. I had no choice then left the workers to finish off the banners and headed home to just Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.



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