I was on the wrong side of 40 and received an invite from a young friend to an exotic virtual land called Orkut.I had never ever heard of–Orkut!! India with its billions seems to be hooked to dis user friendly site. I stepped into it with a lot of trepidation; being new to the virtual world I had my own qualms about dis unreal world. But den I have been one to swim and float rather dan sink without a whimper. Being an Aquarian, I joined da Aqua community where dey had many topics like Antakshari, my favourite since I was a child and I started posting songs and participating in all the fun games der..
To my shock and surprise I was booed and jeered at nd called all sorts of names for participating in what dey called a ‘youth’ community and where I supposedly didn’t fit in.But then the very same Gen X couldnt resist my charm and fell for it hook, line nd sinker when dey saw dat i could be just like one of dem nd better too at wisecracks or ribbing about da opposite sex , before i knew it i was bombarded with string of friend requests from most of dem and believ it or not i won over da sceptics too!!
Any member could post new topics and da others took part with gusto. Spending time wit youngsters nd kids is my kinda fun. I firmly believe that if a person wants to remain young for ever, he/she must keep company of younger and vibrant friends, and at da same time the younger generation should find you interesting and enjoy your company. My son and daughter too are members of this community and as I am a friend to them so am I to their friends nd my friends kids too.
My friend’s list runs down to 63 and amongst them 45 are my fans!! the age of my friends is far more on the lower side….that is…kids in their 20’s and da highest is about 37, way younger than I am but I never feel odd or outta place. The best thing about Orkut for me is playing the agony aunt as most of dem come to me for sorting out their problems and taking advice. Its great fun to post in a topic that asks….Marry above or risk next…….I would usually play safe and say risk next but the next young kid would cheekily say no risk!!For most of them I am like a surrogate mom whom they connect with easily and there are a select few who are close to my heart…..The Chosen Few!! Love you Nisheeth, Murtaza and Pooja (all three are 22yrs old) for making me feel wanted and entertaining and humoring me when I am alone. Murtaza in fact calls me his first girlfriend in jest and humours me by saying, he wished he was my age or I his!
It’s a great place to find old friends, make new ones and share the highs and lows of life. There are many Orkut bashers but I am a self confessed Orkut addict and would go through withdrawal symptoms if my net went off nd da cablewalla is in for the brunt of my angst! So age is no bar to feel young…just be in the company of the young and talk and think the way they do…simple….you can connect with them.
Guess what my ratings are….100%sexy, 90%trusty and 90% cool…..now if dat ain’t “kewl” den what is 🙂
PS: Excuse the spellings folks but that is Orkut lingo!!

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