I am a Reliance CDMA user and through experience I can say it has very few pros then cons for a user. The reliance to reliance free call for a certain sum is what makes me connected to my daughter. So it is a lifeline for me and I just about tolerate it. But today when I went to pay my bill, I had a pleasant surprise at the Reliance web world.
Yes, it is a pain to pay the bill there as the server takes a long time to come into action and the process gets slower. But again let me come back to the topic. I had an issue with the R world on my cell which gets turned on by itself while I click the message inbox and I was talking to the Customer care dept.The girl who was attending to me had a prominent lisp in her voice and one of her eyes had a prominent squint in it. Just when I was putting forth my complaint I heard another voice with a lisp in it and this time it was a male voice. I turned around and saw that he had a cleft lip and that’s why he garbled his words when he spoke.
In these times where jobs fall into the laps of near perfect human specimens, it is heartening to see that an MNC has employed those with physical aberrations and setting a path breaking trend.Corporates are all not full of machines and robots but have a heart too.
My kudos to those who have given employment to these two well deserving persons who are well suited for their job and are not shunned or criticized by their colleagues or the customers they interact with everyday.
I wish that all the companies follow suit and reserve at least 2 posts in the companies for those who are not so benevolently blessed physically. No one is born perfect and most times there is perfection in imperfection. It is for us to realize this and bring it to the fore. Just like a diamond is just a piece of carbon before it is polished, we too need a bit of polishing to make our mettle shine.

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