FRIDAY, JULY 9, 2010


Pundits in south India are really busy on Fridays!! They do pujas in most commercial establishments and have to move fast from one place to another.As a kid I saw the pujari ambling lazily into the neighbors house and settling down comfortably to partake a sumptuous meal washed down with a spicy glass of pungent gossip!
Then I saw them huffing and puffing along the streets on their cycles which could hardly balance their girth.But then the city was a sleepy town with few vehicles and distances were not too far.Then came the mopeds! Pundits are usually well endowed after eating all the sweet and ghee prasadams and the luna was meant only for those weighing 50kg and less.They looked like monstrous beings gingerly traversing the countryside on one leg!
But this is 2010 and the city is fast developing into a happening place.Well, why shouldn’t the pundits be happening then!While driving to work this morning, I was lost in my thoughts of everything other than work at the office.My forehead was furrowed in deep thought and a sombre look on my face and Voila!! I looked up and a pundit on a bike-a Karizma mind you.I broke into a wide grin and laughed out loud when I compared him to my childhood image of a pundit.Seated on the bike in his white panchi( white dhoti) and angavastram thrown over one shoulder.His torso bared, a la Salman Khan but alas he was pot bellied 🙂 On his nose were perched a pair of Rayban glares-protection against the sun u know and his pilka (choti) was long and flowing.He balanced his bike and himself with one foot on the divider and took out his pouch of supari or gutka I couldnt tell; rubbed it on his palm and tossed it into his mouth.The light turned green and he stumbled to get back on his bike and the bumbling pundit zoomed away on his 1bike.
I took all this in within a few seconds and I dunno why but he just made me laugh out loud LOL!! I reached office smiling and the smile hung around all day! Thank you nameless pundit for having made me smile thoughout the day!

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