The only favourable thing about the scorching heat of summer is the luscious and golden yellow mango. Young and old alike just await the advent of the king of the fruits—Mango or  mangay as it originated from the Tamil lingua franca to sink their teeth in the delectable fruit They originated around 4000 years ago in South East Asia and are basically known as a tropical fruit. The first mango showers have fallen and the fruit will now ripen and be ready to tickle the palate of all the mango lovers across the country and beyond. The mango tree plays a sacred role in India, it is considered as a symbol of love and is said to grant wishes too. Any festival or
celebration and one can find a toranam of mango leaves tied at the entrance door as they are said to propitiate the Gods. The juicy, mouthwatering, Rasalu look like cats whiskers at the end of sucking it and I remember eating ,at least six in a day, sometimes, I even tasted it in my dreams! I love all kinds of fruits but mangoes are my favourite, I guess that’s because we get to eat them only for two months in a year and we tend to miss something that is always out of reach.  Like the banana, the mango is also said to be a comfort food, as it gives a feel good factor. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants and comforting enzymes which give a feeling of contentment that is experienced after a mango eating ritual and builds up a craving for more. `An average sized mango contains lots of fiber to replenish the potassium I lose throughout a working day.’ Children love its yummy taste and like to eat it in different forms and if it is cut in different shapes they like it even better. Mangoes can be pureed and used in ice creams, pies, sorbets, desserts, shakes, salads, jams, marmalade, and pickles too. My summer days are incomplete without the    energizing mango shakes and I am always ready for a second helping. Most homes in summer are like a busy bee hive, preparing to pickle the mangoes and preserve them for the whole year. Mouths drool at the sight of the Khobar Movuddukkai, unique in this part of the country and sold by cart vendors on the streets with chili powder and salt sprinkled on the thin slices adding to its tangy taste. A chilled glass of mango smoothie can just be what the  doctor ordered to beat the heat. Here is an easy to make mango smoothie recipe…..
Mango Smoothie 
1 cup mango cubes or pulp
½ cup sugar
1cups yoghurt
½ cup milk
Crushed ice
Blend all the ingredients in a blender and serve in tall glasses with a few mango cubes.
Mango Ice cream
21/2 cup milk
1cup mango puree
½ cup milkmaid
21/2 tbs sugar¾ cup fresh whipped cream
Boil the milk and add the condensed milk after removing from the fire. Now add the mango puree and set it in an ice cream tin, covered with foil and place it in the freezer.Once semi-set, remove and add the whipped cream and beat the mixture with a fork and freeze till it sets.

Mango Juice
Juice of a ripe mango
Or chopped mango pieces.
Sugar to taste
Ice cubes
Blend the mangoes and sugar, add the water and ice and you’re fresh mango juice is ready.It is any day better than the bottled Mazaa or Frooti.
Drop a few mango wedges in the glass while serving!


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