These are a few of my favorite things………….


Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things
These are the words from the song..My Favorite things, from the legendary classic musical-Sound of Music. In the whirlwind of our day to day frenzied life and our continuous race against time we have forgotten the little little things that give us immense pleasure. We don’t have the time to watch the glorious break of dawn…..when the sun’s ray pierce through the darkness of the night and spread its light all over the world.
If we take a little time out to appreciate the little things that make our lives joyful we could say goodbye to stress, tension and traumas of running in the rat race of the 21st century.
What can give us happiness? Different things for different people! For me it would be to bring a smile on anybodys’ face. They say a smile goes a long way because it has a mile in it. Smiles can ignite not only the face of a person but also unforeseen places. It gives me immense happiness to spread a smile.
The first rain after a long summer, you see a small dark cloud, feel the soft breeze against your cheek, breathe in the moist air and feel the approaching rain, smell the moist earth and when the first few drops fall-wow-I dance in the rain in gay abandon and this would be one of my favourite things too!
For people living in the concrete jungle of the metros most of the natural wonders are like an unreachable dream but we in the smaller cities, our still lucky enough to languor and relish itsy bitsy, teeny weenie pleasures in our day to day life if we just paused in our everyday routine and savour these moments of joy. Four year old Anoushka, my granddaughter is cherubic and cute. She lisps,” My favourite thing is a huge bar of Cadbury chocolate which I can eat all by myself, without sharing it with anybody!”
For most south Indians, waking up in the morning to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee; sipping it in the porch and watch the sunrise is a kind of ultimate experience. We rarely have the time to savour our food or a cup of coffee for that matter, as we are trying to squeeze in 48 hours work in 24 hours. But blessed are those who pause in their daily chores to enjoy the sweet joy of simple things. Pramila, my friend, an energetic grandma of four exclaims,” There can be nothing compared in this world to the joy of having all my grandchildren around me on my bed at night and narrating stories to them while they drop off to sleep one by one.”
The ever growing city life has left very little place for trees nowadays but the housing colonies in the suburbs do have a few left. Nothing can beat the thrill of climbing over my annoying neighbor’s wall and plucking her cherished mangoes and sinking my teeth into the juicy fruit. As they say the forbidden fruit is always sweet! [That was me at age 12!] I like to do crazy things too sometimes, like tease the Koel and mimic it’s cooing and it coos back and doesn’t stop till its hoarse.
Babies are loved by many people but rarely do babies find everyone comfortable. Some are born baby lovers, like me.I just can’t resist carrying any baby wherever I go. Be it a mall, theatre or a party. I just love the smell of babies with their soft skin and Johnson’s powder, holding them in my arms, makes my day.
Cooking for my son who is back from hostel, smell of wet earth, a short nap, talk on the phone with an old friend, reliving nostalgic moments or cuddling a small cute puppy, we all have our own comfort zones, as long as we don’t lose sight of them in our busy worlds, life would be worth living. These and many more are a few of my favorite things!

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