Rainbow colours of my life….


March 2nd/2008

Que sera sera…whatever wil be will be the futures not ours to see…que sera sera…..

When I was just a little girl I read a story…That there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and many people chase it but it is elusive. For me life itself was a riot of colours….married at 19…wow! how colourful it was….bhangra, gidda for days, then my son brought about myriads of colours into my life just an year after. Motherhood is so complete and oh so wonderful and with a partner who dotes on you….masha allah…kya kehne…….I thought my life was complete…I didnt need anything else….I didnt want another child too but my sasuma was after my life…imagine no girl and no baraat coming to my door after having three sons…..no granddaughter?? Well point there…..then came my daughter…..the joy she brought was amazing…..my husband [all for sons] totally ignored him and doted on her…spoilt her rotten….I was treated like a queen by him but my princess took my place…..It was so bad, that if I wanted to go out on Sunday I had to beg my daughter to placate her dad:) She made him dance to her tunes….literally…..time passed and we celebrated our 21st anniversary….you may say…so what?? Big deal, many couples do…..but ours was a unique marriage where we never fought even once in 21yrs…..I don’t remember him raising his voice neither did I !! Albeit I did most of the compromising and sacrificing as he was a businessman and I raised the kids myself. I never nagged, never demanded nor did he. My brother-in-law and sis-in-law had a grand party on their 25th anniversary. We both then decided we would rather go off to Switzerland by ourselves [anniversaries should be private, heheheJ]

Wasn’t my life full of colour? You must be thinking how idyllic.

Then came the holocaust. He just left me to spend time with HIM up there. All of a sudden, my life was colorless. Stark….my rainbow was gone.

I was thrown into a mire of slush and filth which was sucking me deep inside it. But my kids’ faces implored me to pull myself out. I huffed and puffed and came out with many bruises mentally but still sane. Gathered my wits and started working towards a new rainbow. My kids were my rainbow and the entire colour I needed. My son got placed in TCS and my daughter stood school second with 94.6% that year. Main to rang gayi……My rainbow was back and I could now see the pot of gold at the end of it in their faces.

Life is full of colour if you see it optimistically and positively……never say die spirit goes a long way towards your goal. From a comfortable homemaker to a company executive and a columnist with The Hindu, I have changed many colours and I enjoy them all. What if society says I can’t play holi.Is there any less colour in my life now? My son may soon go to the US and my daughter is gonna be a famous media person soon. Am painted in Technicolor, Eastman colour and digital colours!! Am a proud mom and am very colourful from the top of my hennaed hair to my silver painted toes!


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