Start of a new Era

I grew up as a pampered and spoilt youngest child in my father’s home. Not that I was over indulged or had the finer things of life but my dad was the bestest thing in my world and I could do anything to just get his approval.

School was a nunnery to be tolerated and of course a lot of mischief thrown in though I was voted as the goody goody of the class by my class teacher. College was one long series of fashion parades wherein my designs were looked forward to by my fellow students. Out of the blue came the death-knell like marriage proposal and I was bundled off into my new role of wife and goody goody daughter-in-law.

I had to stifle my soaring ambitions of a higher education and career for the good of the family and the birth of my son. He brought a lot of sunshine into the family, being the first born and although he was pampered by the whole family he somehow was a very quiet and nerdy child into his books and maps; a curious kid all eager to know more about the universe. I was always at my wits end providing the answers without Google..mind you!!!By the time my son was into full day school when my daughter arrived.

She was like a rainbow in a parched land. She entered dancing into the world and keeps me dancing to her tunes to this day. Papa’s perfect angel who could never do any wrong! She took full weightage from this angle and gotaway with almost murder. I thought being a mom is hardwork no doubt but it’s also very rewarding.Little did I know that they were soon going to be young adults and I was going to be plunged into a new role at this stage of my life when I thought that I was still young even thought the ghosts of menopause have been chasing me this past year.

My son is a man now and has chosen a Mexican girl to be his bride. Not for one moment did I contest his decision even in the remote recesses of my mind. My friends and family keep asking me how I accepted Karina (my daughter-in-law) into the family without even a murmur of protest. It is very simple actually. I groomed my kids into independent individuals and if they take a decision then I just need to accept and stand by it. If they are happy then so am I!!

I started this post to commemorate my new role of the big bad MIL…mother-in-law. Let me throw light on this side of my nature. I was all excited and went all out shopping and going through myriads of fashion catalogues for the wedding and for her dresses. Designs went to and fro and the date was being postponed.

At the end of it my son brought her home at the end of May…hot and humid as usual in Vijayawada. We went to Delhi for the shopping of the big day-2nd July. Karina had a mind of her own and why she shouldn’t. She picked her own clothes and it did give me a jolt as I thought that I would have a say in what she wore or didn’t on her wedding day. The mother-in-law in me was showing her true colors but I squashed the thought and accepted her choice as the best.

This was a shocking realization for me as I always prided myself on the thought that I would never be the typical Indian MIL!! The wedding preparations were on full swing and the D-day approached with butterflies in my tummy as I wanted everything to go picture perfect. It was almost perfect…a dream come true. It was beyond more than my expectations. I welcomed them into the home with my heart and arms open.

It was back to the daily grind for me soon as I started going back to my work and regular routine. But the twist was that now I had a DIL in the house.Ekta Kapoor has immortalized the Indian MIL as the typical black character and I keep fighting off the very same demons that she symbolized. I would never like to be characterized in that category and I would like to thank the K soaps for helping me overcome my shortcomings and sticking on to being just a dependable MIL rather than a hard faced and grumpy one.

Are there more roles to come?? Well am seasoned enough to face them with élan now!!


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